Bob’s Blog Boo-Boo:Technology and Relationships Addendum

You have got to be kidding. I just discovered today that in a strange, unplanned, unintentional and ironic little turn, in the last blog I posted on the issue of  technology’s impact on relationships, I made a mistake that sent a very confusing post to all who subscribe to this blog.

Let me explain. So the blog was titled “Is Your Partner Having an Affair…With Technology?” As I was writing the blog I thought I would use technology to help create a conversation between partners about the impact of technology on their relationship. Hey, here’s an idea I thought, I would add some audio files embedded in the blog that would make funny little sounds.  I would encourage the reader to click on the audio buttons while their partner was in the room – grabbing their partner’s attention and asking what the sounds were about. Here was the perfect opportunity to have the partner come over, read the blog and answer the questions I listed and could start that conversation in a spirit of humor. You know, kind of like fishing, putting out the bait you know the fish likes, see if you get a hit, reel them in.

Of course, this approach could backfire – it is a bit devious and well, I can admit , manipulative – but in a nice way. I figured the previous blog addressed how to repair an argument, what the hey, they’re covered. If this attempt to tantalize the partner’s technological curiosity wasn’t being perceived as a lighthearted “bid” for what could be an important conversation, I was going to encourage the partners to disrupt the argument by hitting the funny noise buttons until they both laughed. I laughed every time I hit one of the buttons, but then again, I am the guy that likes shiny objects that move and/or make noise.

Here is the problem. I found out I couldn’t add sound files to my blog without an upgrade to my WordPress account. OK I thought, maybe I’ll get the upgrade later, but in the meantime I will rewrite this section and leave out the audio files for now. Press PREVIEW : Except I hit “PUBLISH” before writing the new section. At that moment, everybody who subscribes to the blog got an email of the blog – the version that had the instructions to hit the non-existent buttons with the non-existent audio files, with the non-existent funny sounds. Oh, by the way, this blog was just featured in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Facebook  page, and a bunch of those folks just started a subscription. Great timing Bob. – Hi and welcome  AAMFT members…blush…gee…sorry about the confusion…you can delete the email…ahh, the final version is at the blog address…)

I can’t really blame technology for this, I’m the guy that hit the wrong button. And as long as I’m confessing, I thought this would be the rare opportunity to legitimately (appear) to have a reason to put funny sounding audio files in my blog, add the moving images, and play a bit with this stuff. Also, I know the picture at the top looks like OJ, but it isn’t. There, I feel better, plus I got to use another animation in a blog. Now I will click on publish and hope there aren’t too many tyypos, you can’t be too careful. See, repair is really cool in relationships, with or without funny noises.


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